Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oklahoma's First Vintage Rally

Well, she wasn't finished, but I managed to get the wheels back on so we could head out. I put in all the time I could spare getting my led lights in, the interior cleaned up and trying to get the wings finished. I did get one wing done, but not on. All in all, she was ready to camp and so were we. I read somewhere that you shouldn't wait until the camper is finished to take it camping and they are right. It was great to get her out and get her wings dirty, even if she only had one, and it was laying on the ground next to her.

We had a great turn out especially since rain rolled in and this was the first rally. The campers in attendance were a 63 Shasta, a 57 Lincoln, a couple 72 Shasta Compacts, a Serro Scotty, a 64 Aristocrat Lo Liner, a 1940 Sears and Roebuck Tent and our Shasta. It rained on us but it was tolerable. It did not rain when we did the camper tour Saturday morning or when we had the pot luck Saturday night. Everyone had a lot of fun hanging out, meeting other vintage camper enthusiasts. Lake Tenkiller is definitely the clearest lake in Oklahoma. We stayed on Strayhorn landing, which is a campground on a peninsula, so there is a breeze coming off the water almost all the time.

I single handedly tried to double the attendance of the rally by having my parents, my wife's parents, my brother, his wife, their son, both my aunts, my grandparents, my wife's sister, her husband their son, and two cousins attend the rally. Not all had vintage campers, but some were vintage campers and some now have the bug. Did I mention my parents recently drove to WI to look at a Shasta? Ah but that is another story and I digress...

Okay enough chatter here are the pics:

Here She is Ready to Begin Her Maiden Voyage

63 Shasta

Shasta Compact The
Tiki Hut

57 Lincoln
Lil Abe

My Aunt's Pristine 72 Compact

Serro Scotty

Handmade Vintage Trailer Lights Hanging From Serro

Red Dirt

64 Aristocrat Lo Liner

My Brother and His Wife's 40's Sears and Roebuck (still has the logo)

72 From a Distance

Tiki Hut From Across the Campground

More Red Dirt

Me Talking About Red Dirt

Edward the Gnome Guarding Our Shasta Sodas

Vintage Snoopy Tackle Box
Vintage Lo Boy Beach Chair

Our daughter, Addie Chillin' With Grandma

Our Son, Will Crashed Out in the Hammock

Bug Anyone?
Our Nephew, Nate says, "Hey paparazzi, get that camera out of my face!"

Will Comes Out of Hiding, Almost

Our Nephew Clark Looking Ornery

The Motley Rally Crew


  1. Wow! Looks like a great turnout! I am so jealous, I am from Bixby originally and would have loved to come to the rally. Driving from Alaska would have been a bit far though....maybe someday!

    Amy in Alaska

  2. This looks like it was a blast! My husband and I have a '59 Comet. We would love to come to the next rally. Where do I get the information?

  3. Amy, one of these days maybe you can make it. It was a great time. Ashley, you can go to the Red Dirt Campers yahoo group to get info on local campouts. There is a link in the right column.

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