Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hello, I'm Back!

Hey everybody! Did you miss me? I am afraid that I have been hibernating for the winter, stopped progress on the camper, and neglected my faithful readers. I don’t want you to think that I have been lying on the couch all day though. My momentum slowed after I hit my fall camper rally deadline and then I ran into some necessary home repairs.

We have a sixty-year-old house with the original cast iron pipes. Well, let’s call them what they really were, long, rusty tubes that became Swiss cheese at a really inopportune moment. Is there an opportune moment to have plumbing problems? Long story short, there were some not-so-fun times under the house where I gained a healthy respect for plumbers, what they do, and what they charge. On the bright side, I figure I saved us at least a grand, maybe two and that buys a lot of Shasta parts.

Once I finished that project, I think I actually did lie on the couch for a while. Since things have warmed up a bit, I have been working on a drainage system for our gutters, that I can tie into rain barrels for our vegetable garden, and a sprinkler system for the new sod I put in the front yard last fall. I still have a couple house projects left; I am going to do my own home efficiency audit, add some more insulation to the attic, install an attic fan and seal up a few energy leaks throughout the house. I still need to clean out the garage and then I can get going on the Shasta again.

Back to the Shasta, I need to work on the wings, install my new jack, build a new dining table, overhaul the door, get an awning made by Marti, and work on my hidden a/c project. There are a few other odds and ends that I will remember when I get going again. We got some cool decorations over the holidays, some light strings, flamingos, and we also found a very cool vintage metal cooler and water jug on a thrift store expedition for our mid-century Etsy store, called Suddenly Lucky, that I think I will keep instead of selling. I will snap some pics of the loot soon.

We are planning on running up to Kansas in May for Kamp Kansas. I think it will be a family affair, my folks just bought a ‘64 Aristocrat Loliner, my aunt got a ‘69 (I think) Road Runner last fall, and my other aunt has her ‘72 Shasta compact. So I have a new tentative goal for finishing up a few more things. It helps keep me motivated. In the meantime, I hope to get out for a weekend in the camper in the next few weeks.

So to wrap this up, I am truly sorry to those of you who kept coming back only to say, “Aaaarrrrgh, still just pics of a VIN?!” I will keep my updates more frequent in the future, as I try and get this labor of love finished. (Ahem, they never really get finished, do they?) Anyway, thank you for being faithful. Drop me a line and tell me whose blogs you have been reading while I have been lazy, so I can take a peek.

Until next time dear readers, shasta la vista...


  1. glad to see you back. i wondered if after finishing the lions share of work on the trailer you maybe lost interest and found another interesting thing to work on. i was starting to worry about my own level of motivation once i get to the same point you are at! the suddenly lucky store looks very cool!another great resource for vintage stuff!! thanks


  2. I also found your blog by accident - really loved the detailed info (and pics!) about repairing/resealing the windows - we're "restoring" a 1953 Terry Rambler 13' . . . not a lot of know-how here, but it really helps when common-sense, handy people like you share their knowledge. Ours doesn't need a lot, but the windows are really on my mind since one seems to leak. Is there a "tutorial" on your blog (like the window one) for the Fantastic Fan? I'm trying to convince my husband, but he's not biting. Also, I really doubt we'll ever use the 12V, so can you make the fan work with only 110? If so, can you at least open the vent with NO power?
    Again, thanks for sharing your info & experience with us!

  3. Jeremy - you served as inspiration for me to start my own blog about my own restoration of a 1966 Shasta Compact: I love how your site looks and how you are keeping track of things and would like to model my blog page after yours.

  4. Hi jeremy, do you restore for public? I got a 61 shasta last night and the inside is gutted.... know anyone in texas that restores??

  5. Hello- just came across your blog today- awesome! I have the exact same trailer, and have done many of the same things. I even have the same jar of old screws! I've just sort of been figuring out things as I go. I purposely quit keeping track of expenses, but my list would look nearly identical to yours, although I pulled my trailer out of an elderly woman's bushes in her backyard for free. Nice job!

  6. Hi All! I'm new...I'm in Texas, and I am DYING cause I don't have a Shasta yet!!
    Any good places in Texas that y'all recommend I search for a '56 Shasta?
    Ready to roll....

  7. Hello from NH! What a great blog!! Thanks for documenting all of your restoration efforts. I am considering buying a 1957 Shasta 13'8" and can't find the weight. It looks like your trailer is the same. Do you know what it weighs? I've seen conflicting info. Again, fantastic blog!

  8. Mine is about 1,800# I think. I have never had it on scales though, and loaded, I am guessing it is closer to 2,800...

  9. Thanks for documenting your hard work. I know it will help save me lots of time.