Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vin Number Location

I had a request for the VIN location, so here it is. On mine, it is on a little plate tack welded inside the frame just in front of the propane tanks and behind the hitch. Hopefully, they put it in the same place on other years, but... Hope this helps.

Here are three pics, you can click them to enlarge, for closer inspection:

It is dead center of this pic

Here is a closer pic

Here is a close up


  1. Jeremy, I have just discovered your blog and have become a follower. This is one of the best DIY trailer renovation sites I have found. Thank you so much for the care and detail you have put into your blog. I am getting ready to redo a 1959 Shasta myself and I only hope it turns out as beautifully as yours!

    Flagstaff AZ

  2. I am so glad I found your blog. My dad and I have been rebuilding a 1963 Compact I purchased in April. I will be heading home to pick her up in just two short weeks. Can't wait to take her camping. I have a blog that I write about it whenever we do something new. Love how you are keeping track of everything and can't wait to show my dad. You have a beautiful family!! Good Luck!
    OBX NC

  3. Thanks to both of you. I love getting feedback. If even a few people get a little help from my blog, it is worth it. Good luck to you on your restorations.


  4. Basically... What Rebecca said. Just bought a '59 Airflyte and this is the most helpful and comprehensive blog I've found! Thank you for your time!