Thursday, July 23, 2009

The To Do List

I will keep this post simple, because it is a to-do list for the camper. I will probably keep a list in a sidebar that can be updated, but here is the initial list, broken down into two categories, interior and exterior. The camper is really camping ready, but I think that if we go ahead with most repairs/updates now, it will make for a smoother first time camping experience for Cheryl and the kiddos. Me…I have slept on open ground, in tents with no floors, in floods, in freezing cold, eaten sand in my chili and eggs for breakfast, hiked in the snow uphill both ways, yada yada yada, but yes I will enjoy that fresh camper smell, as well. We bought this little gem in June, and I hope to have her road ready by September 11th when Oklahoma has a vintage trailer rally at Lake Tenkiller. So basically this is a two-month project. And, yes, I hope to keep everything within budget. (Gulp…I hope)


Water damage repair around roof vent, under front windows, and sides of front windows

12 volt system for fan, lights, and small accessories for boon docking

Exhaust fan for stove hood

LED lights for under cabinet lighting

New foam and upholstery for rear gaucho (couch)

New upholstery for front dinette cushions

New curtains

New dinette table shaped like original with vintage-look Formica

New propane lamp globe

Two additional 110 outlets, one under dinette, one in wardrobe for microwave above fridge

Pull old rusted water tank, replace in future if found to be necessary

Install fan for additional fridge coil cooling

Once over on all cabinetry and birch paneling with rejuvenating oil and steel wool

Clean up


New paint-- siding, frame, tanks, wheels and hubcaps

Door handles and hub caps sand blasted and painted

Polish aluminum stripe

New Shasta decals

Reseal roof seams, vents, etc

All new aluminum square drive screws

New propane tanks and new propane fittings and system test

Install carbon monoxide/smoke detector

Pull windows, polish and reseal with new mouldings and butyl tape

Replace front glass (cracked)

Fantastic fan to replace roof vent

New tumbler for bargman door lock

New teardrop lights

New wire harness front connector

Polish bargman tail lights

New vintagelook awning

Cover water fill hole with new or patch

Replace 110 inlet

Repair door water damage

Repair screen door water damage

Water proof outlet installed under camper

Sway bar

Wheel well skin patched, minor rust damage

Future Projects

Portable a/c unit installed in wardrobe plumbed into wall furnace vents

Stereo hidden in cabinet over dinette

LED lighting along drip edge hooked into running lights

Hubcaps and door handles re-chromed

Trailer brakes

Solar setup for boon docking

Front hitch extension to make room for biodiesel tank

Until next time dear readers, shasta la vista...

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