Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tired, quick post, more tomorrow...

Well, I had a productive weekend. Got the windows all cleaned up, de-gooped, and installed new putty, mouldings and got them back on. I overhauled the trailer wiring and got some new pretties installed. I also finished painting the hitch and bumper, and installed some new chains and a friction sway bar. I am dog tired, but I will post pics and details over the next couple of days, but now I am going to bed.

But here is sneak peek:


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  2. How the heck do you bend the moulding on a shasta. The metal moulding I got doesn't want to bend. Should I Anneal it and heat it up? Should I clip it as if I was sewing it or do I just buy some plastic moulding and forget the metal"

  3. I haven't had any molding that wouldn't bend by hand. Annealing is definitely the way to go, if you can't bend it. Now on the wings, there are some sharp corners. You will have to notch the lip, for the bends on the tips. I will post about that very soon.